​​     " Bastille  Custom  Art"
    Welcome to a new dimension of visual delight
      where past meets future.
    Experience new ideas for interior & exterior              architectual decor with artistic hints of                 old world tastes.
   Mixing rough cedar with porcelin and iron 
    creates a beautifully unique piece sure to spur          stimulating conversation.

          Call for pricing 972-897-5818


My latest creations have a new
 variety of front panel metals
 for a wider selection of sizes.
  More pieces are in the making.
​​ Bastille pieces are now 
  available with a variety of
  porcelin tile or laminate 
​  back panels. Here is just a 
  few of them.
Exterior applications
​1st Generation 
Le"Belcastle"- is a single panel style with a rough cut 2x6 frame & a lap siding back panel with 4- 1/2" sq. 14 ga. iron bars for a simple yet distinctive look.
 Select Arch top for any​ arch top window.
"Legarde" is a double panel style with a rough cut 2x4 frame & a tounge & groove siding back panel with 6- 1/2" sq. iron bars.
    This older homes face has been transformed with  Le"Belcastle" 4 bar style shutters. They selected  Mahogany colored sealer for the cedar and a flat metallic chestnut paint for the iron​​.

  There are several "Readyseal" colors for the cedar to seal out UV rays & moisture for a longer lasting accent.
 The Iron Pickets/Scrolls & Grid back panel can be painted virtually any color you desire.

​​   2nd Generation                                
  ​Le"Etelan' has the diamond steel grid                                     Le "Montaigne" is 1 of few aluminum
 back panel and 2 beautiful Iron pickets                                 pickets with a character all its own
​ with 3 small scrolls

             Le "Budos" is the head piece and
            can be used with any other picket                                                    Le "Vignoble" is a timeless picket
            to give a distinctive appearance                                                    a favorite among wine lovers on several 
            to an array of accents                                                                    continents